Refer a Patient

Cavendish House welcomes referrals from our professional colleagues for Dental Implant Treatment and Cone Beam CT scans.

We value the trust placed in us by our referring colleagues.  We always ensure that when we receive a referral:

- we contact your patient as soon as possible and offer an appointment at their earliest convenience

- we carry out a thorough examination, often including a 3D CBCT scan

- we discuss all treatment options open to your patient including the prognosis, risks and benefits for each option

- we provide your patient with a detailed treatment plan and list the exact costs

- we ensure that you are kept fully informed throughout the treatment 

- we ensure that we never offer or agree to provide any treatment other than that which you have asked us to provide.  Your patient will always be returned back to you for their dental care.

To refer a patient for a Dental Implant consultation CLICK HERE

To refer a patient for a Cone Beam CT scan CLICK HERE